5 Tips For Hiring The Right Painting Company Now

Thinking about your next paint project? Find out how to choose the right painting company for your project and set terms that keep both you and your painter accountable and happy.

Choosing the right painting company will save you many headaches and bring joy to the project you are looking to start. When it comes to renovating your home or office, you know you are in for a major task regardless of how small it may seem. You might be thinking you are able to do some things, but before you find yourself deep into a mess it is important to keep in mind that certain projects are better dealt by the experts. Painting is one of them.

Painting Company Standards

“Choosing the right painting company will save you many headaches and bring joy to the project you are looking to start.”

A simple, professional paint job done well can do wonders for the overall atmosphere of a space. The key is to find a reputable painting company with a detailed process to ensure durability, coverage and beauty.

Here are a 5 tips for narrowing down your hiring decision to hire the right painting company.

1. Get estimates from several painting companies.

Plan to gather at least three estimates from various painting companies before you make a decision. Not only will you get more perspective on appropriate costs, but also you’ll get an idea of the caliber of work that each painter will provide. For example, one painting company might offer a bargain rate and marginal work; another’s high bid could indicate quality. Another important aspect to consider is timing, at Mid-Valley Paint we will get your estimate as soon as possible and complete your project in a timely manner.

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2. Know that when you hire a cheap painting company, you pay twice.

It may seem like anyone can paint a room the same if they have some sort of skill and a brush, but this is actually far from the truth. When you pay cheap you might be paying for a one man crew who will take longer to complete the job, or you might be paying for a lower quality process. It is important to recognize that a professional painting company doing high quality work is worth paying a little bit more for long lasting results. At Mid-Valley Paint our processes involve meticulous prep work and high quality materials to ensure long lasting results.

3. Ask about their painting process.

A solid indicator of a good painting company will be their process, if a painter can’t walk you through how they perform a job you will want to stay away from them. Although every professional painter might do things a little different, at Mid-Valley Paint we make sure to move everything out of the way, we cover and protect all furniture and floors, tape and caulk against all trim for laser sharp lines, and use two coats of paint (this is actually one and a half for layman’s term).

A high quality deck process involves a close powerwash and sanding to remove old stain. It is important to remember that horizontal surfaces in the high country in Colorado will show damage earliest if snow is accumulated during the winter.

4. Research the painting company past work.

Feel free to ask the painting company you are considering to hire for references, they will gladly show you their work. You can also take a look at their website and/or social media accounts.

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5. Make sure your painter is insured.

This is an important one, we all know everyone is human and accidents may happen. By this point you have researched the painting company you are likely to hire and know they are reputable and professional. With Mid-Valley Paint you can rest assured that our company is insured in case any casualties may happen.

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