Exterior Painting & Staining

The intense sun and weather conditions of Colorado can cause damage significant to your home. Our crew has mastered the best process to protect your exterior paint job.

Our Process

Power wash – A quality exterior paint job begins with the prep work; each step is important and affects the results and longevity of the paint job. Our process starts with a power wash of the entire home to remove all dirt and debris, we use water with no additives as this is more of a bath than a way to remove old paint and stain. If there is heavy mold or staining, we can add an environmentally friendly additive to clean the surface properly.

Scraping – Removal of failing paint or stain is crucial to the adherence of the new product. We use a metal scraper and a special orbital sander that scrapes and rough sands at the same time.

Feather Sanding – Feather sanding, not just sanding, is the process we use on every project. By feather sanding the edge of the old paint with the bare wood, there is no way for the paint to continue peeling.

Priming – After feather sanding all areas of failing paint or stain we either spot prime the failing area or prime the entire area. Priming all bare wood is necessary before one or two finish coats.

Existing paint or stain on structure: All existing paint or stain that is undamaged will be cleaned and left alone as there is no reason to harm the surface if it is not failing.

Caulking/ Sealing the Home – Caulking is crucial to the integrity of the exterior paint job. By caulking we can assure moisture, debris and insects do not affect the paint job. It also seals the old paint line and allows us to create a clean new line.

Painting the body of the home – For an acrylic latex solid paint or stain finish we use a sprayer for application in large areas followed by a back brush and roll technique. By back brushing and rolling the product into the surface we can assure all cracks and crevices are filled with paint and sealed. We recommend a second coat which we apply by sprayer, this acts as an extra UV shield which is an advantage at high altitude.

Staining the body of the home – For a stain finish we can use an oil or water-based product that come in several sheens from transparent to solid body. For oil and water based transparent, semi-transparent and semi-solid stains we use a brush for application. If there is a large surface area we use a sprayer for application and a back-brushing technique to assure the stain is penetrating the surface of the home completely. This process can be repeated in two to three coats depending how the wood takes the stain.

Trim/ Window/ Door Painting– All trim is painted or stained by brush or roller on a re-paint. For new construction, trim may be sprayed prior to it being installed.  Give us a call today to discuss your next project.

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