Deck Refinishing

“We take pride in refinishing decks, not just staining over old stain.”
– Austin Maring, Owner

Our Process

We start by power washing with water to remove dirt and debris.

Followed by application of a wood renew product by pump sprayer that must soak in for 10 minutes, then the wood renew is power washed off the deck, board by board, to achieve a universal finish prior to sanding.

After the deck dries completely we will sand using a deck floor sander and a hand held orbital sander for the detail work.  We will sand to a universal finish before we apply the first coat of stain.

Many exterior deck stains are a one coat product, depending on the product and condition of the deck, we may choose a two-coat product.

Stain will be brushed on regardless of the size of the deck.  By brushing on the product, we can assure all cracks are stained and the stain is fully absorbing into the wood for maximum protection against the elements.

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